Managing our own energy levels

Managing and sustaining our present energy level has a very real influence not just on what we do, but how we actually relate to God, to others and ultimately even to ourselves. All of us, without exception, want to be healthier in these areas!  Maintaining energy is essential to sustaining faithfulness for a lifetime, but it is often overlooked or even diminished in importance when compared to the greatness of the mission.

Below on this page is a link to a simple self – assessment for those who are in ministry.

This self-administered tool has been designed to help you or your team begin a larger process.  We say “begin,” because the tool is meant to spark a much larger dialog  concerning making changes in your life or in getting the support you need to sustain your present work. Both our making changes and getting support are important to the vital journey of sustaining faithfulness in ministry

The ministry of Gracebridge Alliance supports ministry leaders to sustain faithfulness in ministry by helping them to see where they are, take the right kind of steps toward good change and then support them in continuing in those vital steps.

After completing the questionnaire, reach out to us for confidential, no-pressure consultation.  Our team would love to hear your story and support you on this vital journey of making changes, growing and flourishing in the ministry God has called you to.

Take our Energy and Availability Self Assessment.

Personality Profiles – online testing

Myers -Briggs:  Take Free online test 

Enneagram:   WEPSS  (Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales)  Online Test           $10 payment required