“Mark knows the realities of full-time ministry.  In particular, the toll that full-time ministry can take on one’s identity and relationship with our Heavenly Father.  Gracebridge Alliance  offers  to us a great reminder that my identity as a pastor is not based on the success of my church and that my Heavenly Father is not a product to be peddled.  In our times together, he has helped me identify unhealthy patterns and areas of needed rest in my life, but his approach is not top-town.  He is a fellow traveler who is well aware of the dangers and pitfalls that exists for those of us in the “business” of caring for others.  His story encourages me and pushes me toward seeking the silence and solitude that is so vital in my spiritual journey.”

Tyler L. Pastor Milwaukee, WI

Gracebridge Alliance offered me biblically grounded, wise, discerning, sensitive and probing accompaniment during an important season of my life as a ministry leader. I commend to you their work of spiritual direction and guidance whether you are thriving or living on the edges of frustration or burnout.

Tom K.  Pastor Milwaukee, WI

“I have been an evangelical Christian all my life, including 10 years in full-time ministry and 20 years as a lay ministry leader and elder. I’ve always loved Jesus, but somehow Christianity mostly resided in the intellectual sphere. In recent years, daily Bible reading increasingly came up empty for me in terms of spiritual vitality. Conversations with Mark Werner made me start to wonder if there are other ways to follow Jesus besides good old, “1: Read Bible. 2: Pray. 3: Go to work.” During a very turbulent time he had a calmness that came from actually trusting God. He talked about things like listening, silence, and connection with God … things I used to dismiss as being for other people, but now seemed worth looking into myself. I asked Mark for some guidance, and he’s been great. He recommended a couple simple ideas and books that were well suited to what I was looking for. He’s also been a great resource to discuss things with along the way. I’m happy to report that my relationship with God and my experience of God have become more alive, heartfelt, and life-giving as a result.”

Tom F, Milwaukee WI


My relationship with Maria at Gracebridge Alliance has added wonderful insight to my past and present. Before meeting with Maria I found it difficult to balance relationships, boundaries and expectations. With her honesty and kindness I have grown spiritually and individually and now have “a set of tools” when encountering the tough stuff of life.

Bethany P, Wauwatosa, WI


Working with Maria has been a life-changing, encouraging experience. I see more clearly the areas of my life where I have been stuck,and have been equipped to get “unstuck.” I have a greater understanding of how important it is to nourish my soul, and HOW to nourish my soul. Thank you, Maria!

Brooke, Wauwatosa, WI

“I am grateful for Mark Werner and Gracebridge Alliance’s ministry in my life.  During a tough season of ministry, Mark walked with me as a soul friend, listening and pointing to the work of the Holy Spirit in the midst of some really difficult decisions. This is classically called the ministry of discernment, the work of searching through our histories to trace God’s fingerprints in our everyday lives. If you feel like your ministry, your work for God, is destroying the work of God in your life, I commend to you the work of Gracebridge Alliance.  They can help you , to explore rhythms and spiritual disciplines that will help you in every season of life and ministry to walk more closely in communion with Christ.”

John F. Pastor