We offer a guided retreat for couples to begin to understand and explore how they show up in their marriage and the impact it is having upon the relationship they value most. Our retreat begins with a personal assessment helping each person to discover and own their own growth edge –  a growth edge is the place God is at work, changing and growing us up into the fullness of his image. 

Unlike other couples retreat we believe some of the greatest work in a marriage occurs not when we are in discussion with our spouse but when we first are in posture of solitude and silent listening to God; allowing God to enter our places of brokenness and the places we need to change. Our retreats provide ample space to be alone with God. We believe prior to meaningful and healthy dialog with our spouse there is a greater need for personal self-awareness that is waiting to be uncovered and brought openly and transparently to God.  It is from this place of having been with God, seeing ourselves, and tending openly and honestly with ourselves within God, that we can move meaningfully into a place of dialog with our spouse.  Having met with God we then begin to enter a larger, and slower process of learning how to cooperate with God in the changing our lives for the betterment of our life and marriage. 

Our retreats are 2 1/2 days longs at a local retreat center. While on retreat we provide minimal, but substantial teaching and plenty of time and space to meet with God with specific questions for reflection.  Designed within this whole retreat will be specific and intentional times for being together and discussing what has  come to the forefront from your time alone with God.