Gracebridge Alliance is a non-profit ministry understands the challenges of ministry leadership–we seek to accompany those in ministry in tending to the inward God-desiring life through practices that provide a healthier work/rest paradigm for living.  Central to a healthier model is the practice of retreating.

A hazard for many of us in ministry is when our retreating looks a lot like our working:  we study, we plan, we create, we intercede for others, we organize, but we don’t always rest.   We long for still more…we long for God’s intimate presence to restore, replenish and refresh.

What kind of retreat?

  • A day retreat (6- 8 hours – no overnight, various meal options)
  • An overnight retreat (20 hours with meals)
  • A 2 or 3 day retreat (36 – 48 hours w/ meals)

What our retreat planning includes:

  • Contacting  a retreat facility nearby for you
  • Providing individual rooms for each leader to enter times of solitude and reflection
  • Introducing and then orienting your team to a model of retreating, resting in solitude
  • Meals (by retreat facility)
  • Debriefing your time on retreat to collect and gather what is important from the retreat
  • Exploration into next steps for you

An opportunity while on retreat for men and women to meet with one of our trained leaders in Spiritual Accompaniment* or Spiritual Direction*

Upon request we can provide a customized brochure to give to your staff describing a retreat of solitude and rest, who is Gracebridge Alliance and an outline of the retreat..

What is done on a typical retreat facilitated by Gracebridge  Alliance?

While no two retreats are exactly the same our retreats extend three invitations to those going on retreat:

  • 1st Invitation: Saying something true for God
  • 2nd invitation: Exploring the place of rest, Sabbath and solitude
  • 3rd Invitation: Understanding the deeper movements within solitude