Ministry leadership often describe how difficult ministry can be when they are not changing and growing – when they personally remain in unhealthy “stuck patterns” of relating to co-workers, family and the communities.    Often time the stuck places are tied to the deeper issues of our broken-ness and personality.

“The Enneagram is one of the most useful tools for understanding personality styles at work, in relationships, and for self-awareness. The WEPSS is a standardized, reliable, and valid Enneagram inventory, the only one published by a major psychological test company and reviewed in Buros’s Mental Measurements Yearbook, a respected authority in the testing field.”

We are certified trainers in the WEPSS (Wagner Enneagram Profile Style Scale) Gracebridge Alliance team will train individuals and teams in using the personality profile  for personal growth as  well as a growing in spiritual practices that help move us from our stuck places to vital relationships and ministry.

The training consists of  8 hours of thorough teaching and discussion exploring:

  1. The history of the diagram
  2. Its use from a uniquely Christian Trinitarian perspective
  3. Your own personality profile
  4. How to use the diagram as a tool for personal growth and cooperating with the Spirit of God in your  growth and transformation.
  5. A means for putting into practice spiritual disciplines that help you tend to your own growth edges.

Also available:

  • An abbreviated 4 hour training seminars with the enneagram where we come to your facility.
  • An abbreviated 4 hour training at our office (size limited to 6 – 8 individuals)
  • Individual Assessment with a written profile as well as a personal  follow-up session with Mark Werner.

To schedule a   4 or  8 hour WEPSS training  and to find out about pricing contact Gracebridge Alliance by following the link:



A word about the importance of growing in self awareness for serving in ministry:

There are three steps vital to the well – functioning of any individual or team serving together in ministry.

First is how the work of God is going on within you, changing you – growing you up!   Unless we  understand the growth edge or the place(s) God is at work , we will often remain stuck and wonder how change (our changing) can become a reality. 

Second, we let go of our  willful striving in the work of our changing ourselves.

Third, in faith we learn to cooperate with  the call of Jesus to  “deny self (Mark 8:34) , lay down our lives (John 10:14-17, 15:13, I John 3:16)  , and render our whole selves back to God (Mark 12:27).   Central to our own denying , laying down and rendering is knowing our true selves.

When we cooperate with God in the good work by relinquishing  control of our growth (the self we were striving in our efforts to become),  we find we actually become increasingly at peace (non-judgmental and less critical)  with who we are and who we are becoming within God’s good plan for us.

We believe it is from this place we serve the Kingdom of God best!

Using the enneagram as a tool, Gracebridge Alliance assist individuals and staff teams in growing in self-awareness.  Growing in self-awareness is not for self-centeredness but for the purpose of cultivating a deeper faithfulness.  Faithfulness shows itself in our growing intimacy with God, the increase in the quality of our relationships and the fidelity by which we serve the mission of the organization or church we work for.