Gracebridge Alliance provides a certified trainer in the Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scale  (WEPSS) for individuals and teams.

“The Enneagram is one of the most useful tools for understanding personality styles at work, in relationships, and for self-awareness. The WEPSS is a standardized, reliable, and valid Enneagram inventory, the only one published by a major psychological test company and reviewed in Buros’s Mental Measurements Yearbook, a respected authority in the testing field.”

The WEPSS training can be conducted with your staff team in both a short version (4 hours) or long (8 hours) over 1 or 2 days. To contact us about setting up a date for WEPSS training click here.

Here are some comments from those who have participated in the training:

“Usually after about an hour and a half I find…(sitting)  uncomfortable .. I was so engaged that I really didn’t notice.  Wow. that’s amazing!     I really thought the training was exceptional.  We’ll be discussing this for a long time to come.”

“I really did enjoy the whole thing.  I left realizing (and my wife also noticed) that I live in the stressful side of my number(Style) quite often.  These characteristics have been some things that I have been aware of and processing over the past two years. Still not where I want to be, but seeing the hope for change as I continue pressing into stuff.”                                College Minister

I would love a workshop 2.0…  It really was one of the best learning sessions I’ve ever attended. I appreciate all the work you put into your teaching, and it exceeded all expectations.                                                                                                              Church Staff Team Member

A word about the importance of growing in self awareness for serving in ministry:

Vital to the functioning of any individual or team serving in ministry is first understanding the work of God going on within you, changing you – growing you up!   Another way of saying this is:  “What is the growth edge or the place(s) God is at work within you?”  Not seeing our growth edge(s) we often remain stuck and wonder how do we really change?

Secondly, our changing and growing is then marked not by our willful striving in the work of growing but in seeing the places we both resist change and have learned to make life “work” all on our own (The WEPSS test assists greatly in identifying this).

Thirdly, in faith we learn to  cooperate with  the call of Jesus to  “deny self (Mark 8:34) , lay down our lives (John 10:14-17, 15:13, I John 3:16) in devotion to God (Mark 12:27).   central to our denying  and laying down is knowing fully and truly the self we have become.

When we cooperate with God in this good work by relinquishing  control of our growth (the self we were striving in our efforts to become),  we find we actually become increasingly at peace (non-judgmental and less critical)  with who we are and who we are becoming in God’s good plan for us.

We believe it is from this place we serve the Kingdom of God best!

Gracebridge Alliance assist individuals and staff teams in growing in self-awareness for the purpose of cultivating faithfulness.  Faithfulness shows itself in our intimacy with God, the quality of our relationships and the fidelity by which we serve the mission of the organization or church we work for.