Ministry leadership often describe how difficult ministry can be when they are not changing and growing.  Many ministry leaders describe being in “ stuck patterns” of relating to co-workers, family and the communities they serve in unhealthy ways.  Over time our being stuck and unchanging often leads to a lack of vitality in ministry, discouragement and even despair. Stuck places are growth edges and they are vital to the development and maturity of a leader of a lifetime. Helpful to identifying stuck places and growth edges within life is the WEPSS Enneagram Personality Profile

“The Enneagram is one of the most useful tools for understanding personality styles at work, in relationships, and for self-awareness. The WEPSS is a standardized, reliable, and valid Enneagram inventory, the only one published by a major psychological test company and reviewed in Buros’s Mental Measurements Yearbook, a respected authority in the testing field.”  Dr. Jerome Wagner

Gracebridge Alliance has a certified trainer in the WEPSS (Wagner Enneagram Profile Style Scale). We will provide an assessment test for both individuals and teams and will provide in depth discussion exploring your personality and growth edges.

Teaching and training using the enneagram is available for teams.  Our teaching consists of  8 hours of thorough training and discussion exploring:

  1. The history of the diagram
  2. Its use from a uniquely Christian Trinitarian perspective
  3. Your own personality profile
  4. How to use the diagram as a tool for personal growth and cooperating with the Spirit of God in your growth and transformation.
  5. A means for putting into practice spiritual disciplines that help you tend to your own growth edges and grow.

A word about the importance of growing in self awareness for serving in ministry:

First, seeing into our own growth edges. Until we see our own the growth edge and the place(s) God is at work within us we will often remain stuck and wonder how change becomes a reality.

Secondly, identifying how we are resisting our changing . Using tools like the enneagram we assist leader in identifying the places they are resisting change (The Enneagram Assessment tool – and in particular the WEPPS test – assists greatly in identifying this).

Thirdly, through faith we move from  a place  of stagnation to  cooperating with God’s Spirit by laying down our self and the patterns we have relied upon to make life work.  Scripture identifies that we are to “deny self” (Mark 8:34) , “lay down our lives” (John 10:14-17, 15:13, I John 3:16), and “render” our whole selves back to God (Mark 12:27).  

We believe it is from this place we serve the Kingdom of God best!

Using the enneagram as a tool Gracebridge Alliance assist individuals and staff teams in growing in self-awareness for the purpose of cultivating faithfulness.  Faithfulness shows itself in our intimacy with God, the quality of our relationships and the fidelity by which we serve the mission of the organization we serve under. 

To schedule a WEPSS training  to assess your own edge contact   Gracebridge Alliance