Sabbaticals are a designated time to rest, re-vitalize and re-vision ourselves for ministry.

Sabbaticals are a vital means by which churches and organizations are able to provide a concrete example –   a means –   by which they can  “minister to” those who  serve the community  with  their leadership.    Sabbatical also can be essential benefit for recruiting new staff as well as maintaining the health and well-being of existing staff.  What better way to “keep” good and valuable staff then by providing a healthy work and rest model for their career.

Gracebridge Alliance supports churches in caring for their leadership by providing tools and resources that assist churches and organization make the most of the time a staff member spends  when entering a time of sabbatical.


A worthwhile sabbatical entails:

A. Preparing the congregation/ organization and yourself for Sabbatical

B. Entering Sabbatical with intentionality and purpose

C. Being on Sabbatical with appropriate oversight and accompanying / coaching

D. Meaningfully collecting the Sabbatical for a good return to ministry

E. Returning to Ministry with energy and vision


For more information on how Gracebridge Alliance can support your organization in developing  and implementing  a policy on Sabbatical  for  your staff   contact us here