Healing begins from a place of brokenness

Sometimes the greatest gifts are born from difficulties and struggles. The vision for Gracebridge Alliance emerged by recognizing the hurts, pains and challenges experienced by those in vocational ministry leadership. Not only did the leadership of Gracebridge Alliance recognize the struggle and difficulties of their professional colleagues, but more personally,  they understood the struggle from within their own experience of ministry leadership. Like 90% of other vocational ministry leaders, they had contemplated leaving the work they had once viewed as a lifetime calling.(1)

But God had other plans. Over time, each their way to a path of healing and to more healthy patterns of relating and serving in ministry. They rediscovered tending to their soul and soul-care practices that have nourished Christian leaders for centuries. Through long heart-felt discussions and times of prayer, the ministry of Gracebridge Alliance began to take shape.  Gracebridge Alliance would seek to become a place of refuge and renewal for leaders facing similar experiences and challenges in their call to ministry

Gracebridge Alliance is the culmination of this dream. As a ministry community, Gracebridge Alliance invites church and ministry leaders into safe, confidential relationships where they can realign focus from secular-style “success” to sustained faithfulness over a lifetime by developing life- sustaining practices that nourish and support the mind, body and spirit.


(1)  5 out of 10 leave within 5 years, another 10 – 20%  leave by year 10 and only 1 out 10 of those entering vocational ministry retire within their profession © 2007 (research from 1989 to 2006) R. J. Krejcir Ph.D. Francis A. Schaeffer Institute of Church Leadership Developmenthttp://www.truespirituality.org/ and “Why Pastors Quit” Bo Lane Lexington , KY 2014