With over three decades in parachurch and pastoral ministry, Mark Werner knows first hand the challenges leaders face cultivating their own souls amid the pressures and demands of ministry. Mark believes that those in vocational ministry must rediscover the oft-forgotten disciplines of the interior spiritual life in order to sustained fruitful ministry for a lifetime!  Mark did graduate work studying for M.Div. at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and has held positions at all levels of church ministry, from youth ministry to adult spiritual formation, as well as Directing Operations and Management. Mark has completed his training in Spiritual Direction at The Mercy Center in Colorado Springs , CO.  In 2017 Mark completed his certificate in training with the  Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scale (WEPSS). He regularly assists others in exploring the enneagram and conducting enneagram training seminars for groups as a valuable means for understanding our own personal growth edges. Central to his own  development has been his participation the Transforming Center communities with author Dr. Ruth Haley Barton – having participated in both the  “Transforming Community” and “Leading a Transforming Church.”   Mark experienced his own “dark night of the soul” crisis during his journey in ministry in his mid 40’s .   Now, he loves nothing more than helping others to have vitality and faithfulness through caring, compassionate soul care. Mark and his wife Valerie have been married for 28 years and have four children and one grandchild. He loves to cook pizza in his hand-built brick oven and unleashes his inner angler on the many local lakes and rivers.