For Maria Wilson and Mark Werner, the gifts of healing and a renewed sense of purpose came from deep wounds they experienced while pursuing “success and achievement” in their vocational ministries. Like many in ministry, they found themselves considering leaving the work they had once believed a life-time calling.

Over time, through God’s goodness and grace, Maria and Mark each found their way onto a path of healing and healthy patterns of living and relating to others. Largely by rediscovering the practice of soul care that has nourished fruitful Christian leaders for centuries, they met each other and began to dream of helping other leaders in similar times of crisis.

Gracebridge Alliance is the culmination of this dream: a community where church and ministry leaders move beyond the focus of secular-style success to sustained faithfulness over a lifetime. Gracebridge clients enjoy a safe, confidential relationship in which to explore both the healthy patterns of relating, as well as some of the broken patterns within us that can be brought into leadership.

Together, Gracebridge staff and clients tend to their own souls while continuing their day-to-day ministries within their church or parachurch organization. Body, mind and spirit are nourished. By caring for their own souls first, leaders cultivate healthy, vital spiritual lives that enable them to remain in ministry over the course of their lifetime.