• We are passionate about increasing both the longevity and the vitality of those in full-time vocational ministry. Research indicates 1,700 clergy leave the ministry each month.
  • We have experienced challenges and crisis in our personal lives and ministry as well as observing similar crisis among our peers. The heart of our organization is rooted in this experience.
  • We see a larger scale and widespread crisis prevailing in clergy and those in Christian leadership throughout the country. Recent research indicates 50% of clergy leave ministry within 5 years, 60 – 70% in 10 years, and that only one out of ten entering the ministry from college or seminary retire within it.(1)
  • We see the present models and paradigms as largely insufficient to adequately address the crisis.
  • We believe that an elevation, or a re-discovery of ourselves as soul is absolutely essential and needed to tend to the crisis that exists in Christian leadership.
  • We believe that learning to tend to our own soul is vitally necessary for our personal well-being, the well-being of our relationships, our leadership and the fruitfulness of ministry.
  • We believe attention to our soul is not simply taught; rather, it is vitally and most importantly modeled and experienced in close relationship with others on the journey of soul development.

(1)  © 2007 (research from 1989 to 2006) R. J. Krejcir Ph.D. Francis A. Schaeffer Institute of Church Leadership Developmenthttp://www.truespirituality.org/ and  “Why Pastors Quit” Bo Lane Lexington , KY 2014