Mitigating the crisis of leadership in the Church can have a leveraged effect on the Church universal

Anyone involved in the Church for more than a couple years can likely recount stories of leaders burning out, of leaders having a crisis of character, of governance gone wrong, etc.  We believe by helping leaders strengthen their inner life with God (soul care), those leaders will in turn better lead their congregations and ministries.  While many programs exist to provide brief respites for leaders and sometimes their spouses, or training programs to provide in-depth understanding of leadership issues, there is a dearth of systematic long-term support for ministry leaders to tend to their own soul.  It is our vision that this approach offers a substantially leveraged effect for the resources and efforts expended.

A unique, systematic, side by side approach

Statistics on vocational ministry indicate that nearly 90 percent of those who enter ministry will leave it before retirement. Gracebridge Alliance believes this trend can be significantly changed by focusing attention  on the least-cared for soul in today’s church: the leader’s own. Our one on one, side by side approach accompanies leader in the course of their ministry in the vital journey of soul development.

Through greater  self-awareness,  growing in spiritual disciplines and understanding our own personal need for others, Gracebridge Alliance equips leaders to sustain faithfulness for a lifetime. A number of programs exist to care for leaders’ souls and amplify their fruitfulness, but here’s what makes ours unique:


We emphasize soul care, not success metrics. Gracebridge Alliance seeks to cultivate faithfulness that grows and deepens over a lifetime.

We focus on how our own brokenness can affect our leadership and relationships. Our relational approach helps leaders to carefully uncover the broken patterns of relating brought into their leadership and then help them move away and develop new, healthy ways to serve others in ministry.

We help leaders establish personal practices that foster life-long faithfulness. We are committed to soul attention and its development over a lifetime.

We align ourselves with our clients and walk beside them within the demands of their day-to-day work place and ministry.

Our sole focus is walking with our clients, listening to them, extending invitations to soul care practices, and assisting their vital journey with God,

We are traveling the same journey as our clients.

Each Gracebridge Alliance staff member has experienced the impact of  brokenness in ministry and has undertaken the same healing journey they now invite clients to take.

Our services complement rather than disrupt a leader’s regular duties. Gracebridge Alliance works with staff during the demands of their ministry, assisting them to develop healthy and sustainable practices for a lifetime of ministry.

We emphasize participation in a community that touches body, mind and spirit. In addition to our one-on-one relationships, we invite leaders into a network of personal and professional relationships dedicated to the deeper journey of soul development.