The topic of staff sabbaticals can often be one of the more divisive topics a Board can face.  Without appropriate structure, plans, policies and oversight, sabbaticals become viewed as nothing more than extended vacations – a concept foreign to and antithetical to most members of ministry Boards and the congregations they support.

Gracebridge Alliance believes a well-planned and implemented sabbatical is an extension of the scriptural call to Sabbath, and a critical time for a ministry leader to rest, revitalize and re-vision their call to ministry and to serving God for a lifetime.

Gracebridge Alliance supports churches in caring for their leadership by providing tools and resources that assist churches and organization in developing a policy for Sabbaticals as well as make the most of the time a staff member spends when entering a time of sabbatical.

A worthwhile sabbatical entails:

A. Preparing the congregation/ organization and yourself for Sabbatical

B. Entering Sabbatical with intentionality and purpose

C. Being on Sabbatical with appropriate oversight and accompanying / coaching

D. Meaningfully process the Sabbatical for a good return to ministry

E. Returning to Ministry with energy and vision

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