Ministry Boards can easily fall prey to the quantification model of governance – the mantra becomes “if it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed”, and the pressure on the leader no longer balances what they do with who they are.  Time and again, this imbalance leads to a crisis of some form – burnout, family distress, staff turnover, failure of character, etc. Gracebridge Alliance offers Ministry Boards a systematic approach to incorporating Soul Care into their governance roles, using a streamlined version of the Assess, Adjust and Accompany model used with individual leaders.  While the specific actions of Soul Care may be outsourced, the responsibility remains the Board’s. At request, we provide overseeing groups an initial  90 minute presentation and discussion on the seasons of life and seasons of ministry within a leader.  If desired, periodic additional modules can help maintain the development of a healthy care program for ministry staff.