An accurate and robust self-assesment now requires making adjustments in step with the Spirit of God – adjustments that are meaningful, practical and sustainable.  We invite ministry leaders to explore the rich tradition of spiritual practices and rhythms of life that both support and nourish faithfulness to God for a lifetime. Gracebridge Alliance assists ministry leaders in developing a personal plan that supports tending to their soul in the midst of doing the work of ministry.

  • We explore long-trusted and traditional practices that are in step with the Spirit of God and the leader’s calling to ministry.
  • We explore how to bring broken and stuck patterns to God in such a way that they become growth edges for transformation and change.
  • We help ministry leaders understand the kind of spiritual practices that help leaders to fully engage their work.

If you would like more information on how Spiritual Accompanying and Direction can assist you in assessing and adjusting your present condition contact Gracebridge Alliance