The good and faithful journey begins with knowing where you are and then seeing the invitation to go to another place.   Taking the lessons from our own personal experiences in ministry, and using tools designed for ministry leaders, Gracebridge Alliance assists leaders in assessing the well-being of their own soul, the trajectory they are on, and the next steps they can take to go to another place.

Gracebridge Alliance will assist in taking personal inventoryby looking closely at the work/rest and relationship paradigm exercised by a ministry leader.

We help to explore…

  • Why I feel so tried all the time? How much energy do I really have to do all the things I feel called to do? Take a short  Self Assessment.
  • Broken patterns of relating to others 
  • What is the impact of my broken patterns on the relationships that matter most to me: family, co-workers, friends, congregation… and with God?
  • How are the patterns of brokenness connected to my own development and spiritual formation?
  • How is real change possible?

If you would like more information on how Spiritual Accompanying and Direction can assist you in assessing your present condition and the adjustments you can make contact Gracebridge Alliance